About us

About our company

We are a small, family-based company, which focuses on the manufacturing of luxurious cantilever stringerless floating staircases with closed risers.

We distinguish ourselves with great design and using the best technologies, making it possible to fulfill the most ambitious projects.

When creating our products, we focus not only on building a safe way to travel heights, but also on making a beautiful piece of furniture which will be a decoration to the whole interior.
We always try to match and complete the environment that our products are in, but we also aim to transform the interior in accordance to our Clients’ needs and requirements. Our narrow specialization allowed us to perfectly master the art of designing and manufacturing of cantilever stringerless floating staircases with closed risers. Thanks to manufacturing only a handful of projects each month, we can really get into each order and make it perfect. Woodwork is our passion and a big challenge, which requires a unique approach.

Over the years, we tried to understand how wood reacts, changes its properties, in order to align our tasks with how the wood nautrally works an behaves. The deep understanding of how the wood behaves was aided thanks to achieving the Wood Technology degree at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Having the scientific background of a university lets us perform many experiments on wood. We implement our findings in everyday work. We offer our services across Europe, mainly focusing on Germany and Poland (cities: Krakow, Katowice, Wroclaw, Lodz, Rzeszow, Kielce, Warszawa, Tarnow, Tarnobrzeg, Nowy Sacz and surroundings).

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